No Shame First Aid Kit

Purpose: To assist in the promotion of No Shame as a growing network of member franchises by providing a source of quality scripts which new No Shames may use on nights when their line up is less than full so that their audience base may reasonably expect a full evening of theatre while they are building a core group of regular writers of their own.

Script pages marked with a indicate that the author(s) has/have given permission for their piece to be used by performers at other No Shames to supplement their show when there is a shortage of scripts locally.

The following writers have submitted some of their writings to the No Shame First Aid Kit. Be sure to check for the in the corner of their pieces if accessing from the main script library for their respective No Shames.

Click on an author's name for their complete list of FAK scripts (last updated 12-15-03). If they have only one script included, the link will take you there directly. Also shown below, for ready reference, are links to scripts organized by scene type and cast size for greater ease in finding an appropriate text in a hurry.
Scripts by author: Scripts by type or cast size breakdown:

Restrictions On Use:

1) Inclusion in the First Aid Kit implies permission to perform the piece ONLY at an AUTHORIZED No Shame franchise (i.e. one which has a presence at the website).

2) Pieces MUST be given due authorship credit in the order for the evening in which the piece is included.

3) Performance of the piece must be as indicated by the stage directions and indications given in the original piece as posted in the library.

4) No changes or alterations may be made in the text, costuming, or blocking as originally given in the copyrighted text.

5) Notice must be sent to the the author during the following week that their script was performed at the franchise No Shame, by email directly to the author and/or through Jeff Goode at

6) A "review" of the piece must appear on the host No Shame's message board during the week following the performance of the piece.

FAK pages created by Todd Ristau and John Shirley; maintained by John Shirley. Contact John by clicking here.