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Ristau's Theatre Resource Exchange
This site provided as a means of connecting a community of theatres, playwrights, directors, actors and designers in order to foster better communication,more effective resource sharing, and more opportunities for the production of new plays.
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Slow Rollout Beginning!

My name is Todd Ristau, and I'm the Program Director of the Playwright's Lab at Hollins University. Our unique program in playwriting has been working to put Roanoke Virginia at the heart of a dynamic center for new play development.

We've been working with a variety of local arts organizations to present and produce new work, build stronger partnerships, grow larger audiences and encourage stronger support of original works in our region.

We're also hearing from the people we're working with that there's a tremendous need for a way to share both risks and resources, as well as provide a central locaton where playwrights and directors can connect with theatre spaces, actors, designers and other creative people in order to collaborate.

I'm hoping this website can be a start to that effort. Click through the links to the left and you'll get an idea of who is in our area willing to work on projects with you. And check back often, as this inforamtion continues to expand with each update.

If you would like to be included in our databases, send us an email and include all your relevant information--a jpeg of a photo that looks like you, your current bio and resume, and how you would prefer to be contacted. Let us know if you want to have people contact you through us, or if you have a contact email and/or phone number that we can include with your online profile so that people can contact you directly.

Contact: Meredith Levy, Graduate Assistant

Or feel free to contact me directly by phone at 540-556-5396

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